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Intentional prayer

My word for 2019 is intentional so for the next couple of weeks I’m going to share the areas in my life where I have been personally convicted to be more intentional. These may ring true with you or you may just want to skip over the next couple of weeks.

This week I’m sharing how I am going to be more intentional with prayer. It’s an area I’ve always struggled with because my heart is there but my mind is always wandering, I don’t always carve out time and I’m often distracted with my to do list.

So this year I knew to grow this spiritual discipline, I have to be intentional. I cannot expect growth by wishing something will happen. So here are the steps I’ve taken for intentional prayer:

1. I created a prayer journal with the following tabs to focus on in prayer-Adoration, Confessions, Rest/Listening to the Lord, Scripture Prayers, Petitions

This tabbed notebook allows me to stay on track as I pray. Right now I spend 2-3 minutes on each section. Adoration and confession are pretty much what they sound like. Rest and listening is when I train my mind to listen to God’s voice and write down what comes to mind or what I feel He is leading me to at the moment. Scripture prayers are for writing biblical truths. I am currently using Beth Moore’s book, Praying God’s Word to help me with this. Petition is for praying for family members, friends and other requests. Date the requests and answers to look back at how God works in your life.

2. I pray during my set aside quiet time. So that’s key….a time SET ASIDE. As little distraction as possible, so that may be super early, late or when everyone leaves for the day. This doesn’t take place of time in the Word but is a part of my time with Jesus.

3. Find a place. You may be in your closet, car, or kitchen but find your designated place. Be creative here. He can meet you anywhere.

4. I think we spend a lot of time prepping our prayer journals, making our spaces comfy, penciling in the time, brewing that coffee but we just need to do it. Sometimes it won’t be pretty. We may need to abandon the comfy chair and the coffee and lay face flat on the floor. Whatever works….JUST DO IT!

So leave you with a picture of my prayer journal-and the sleeve of my pink fuzzy robe. Nothing fancy and I need to grab some tabs. For now my tabs are post it’s.

Get after it-



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