I have a dining room that really only houses a table and some music equipment-a piano, viola, and a cheap guitar. There is a music stand in the corner and I watch Maddy as she frets over the next note to play and as she reads over lines of notes. Eli sits at his piano, checks off lesson boxes and makes up new songs for our listening pleasure.

The dining room- it was intended to be a room of gathering, gathering around a table-and it is. Some days I sit at the table and listen to my kids play their music, just yesterday I sat there with a sweet young girl and read the Bible, and last week we ate homemade cake there to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

It’s a place of gathering, of being, of loving, creating and living. It’s a place where one thing was intended but many other things happen.

I am just now learning to live my life, all my rooms, as gathering places. I am learning now to open my door even if the house isn’t perfect, the kids are too loud, the dog is barking and dinner is burnt. I am learning that what a room was intended to be may change over time and turn into something even more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

I am learning that open hearts can change the way we view ourselves and others. Open hearts can extend Love to someone in such desperate need that we may have a part in changing a life. Open your heart, and maybe a room today.


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