No words

I am currently mourning a loss of words. I have such a longing and desire to write but my words, my words are gone. I mean there are words but none that I feel worthy enough to put to paper. I feel bogged down for no real reason at all.

So that led me to none other than the book of Lamentations…go figure, right? Lamentations 3:25-26 is all about waiting on the Lord and His salvation…quietly.

I have a hard time with quiet. I long for it but when I am in the midst of quiet moments, it is almost painful. I do things, get things done and there’s not a lot of space for quiet-true quiet.

However, if I’m not able to go through seasons of quiet then how can I hear His voice? How can I know His presence if I am always talking, trying, doing, and just exhausted? I can’t.

So I will sit here, waiting expectantly, pressing in to know the One Who made my soul and calls me His. I will wait for words and I will praise Him in the quiet.


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