She can laugh…

I recently had a visit with my almost 91 year old grandma. She is recovering from heart surgery and honestly has had better days, I’m sure. The toll of surgery, recovery and years of life are taking a bit of the spunk from her step.

I want to tell you about my grandma though. She has a remarkable life story and she loves to talk about her past. Her story is the romantic kind filled with train rides to Texas to marry my grandpa during WWII, 5 children, 8 grandchildren and over 10 great grandchildren. She introduced me to cottage cheese and working out at the YMCA. She went back to school later in life to be a nurse and was at the top of her class when she graduated. I never go to her house without seeing the Bible somewhere that she has been recently reading it. She loves presents, parties and sweets. She loves her family with the kind of love that makes you feel like you are her favorite. Oh, and she can make rolls that can make a grown man cry. (Seriously. I think I have seen this at family gatherings.)

She hasn’t been all over the world and has actually lived on the same street for over 70 years. Her wisdom though, I can’t describe it. When I sit down and talk with her, I should take notes. I want to raise my hands sometimes or say a loud, “Amen!” (She wouldn’t mind.)

We talked yesterday about old times, how the street she lived on all these years had changed. We leafed through old photos and her eyes lit up when she talked about just how good looking my grandpa was and I think she may have blushed a little when she recalled how blue his eyes were. We talked about how she finished high school in Akron, OH and then worked in the BF Goodrich plant because she had to wait for my grandpa to come home from the war. She spoke of the love she had for her mother in law and what a woman of character she was. She talked about how tired she was raising five children and how her mother in law would come over and help her from time to time-just at the point she needed it most.

We talked about charity and human connection. We talked about how neighbors used to band together and give freely of what they had. She said she wished people today would be able to give as freely. She talked about true charity being the kind that gives not only to a need but gives of yourself and your time to others around you.

You see, my grandma is old. 91 is old but let me tell you one thing: if old can be beautiful, she may well be the most beautiful woman you will ever meet. No, she isn’t perfect but a life of pursuing the things that truly matter has left a lasting impression on those around her. She has invested years into others and now others are investing more in her. It’s charity, love really, at its finest.

She is real, true, kind, generous, full of strength and I see the Proverbs 31 Woman when I see her.

Her prayers have covered my family; I have felt them. She fears the Lord and she can laugh at tomorrow.

My grandma and grandpa on their wedding day in Texas. She was 16 and he was 32.


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