Being still is a tough thing for me. To sit and be still seems like a pretty easy concept but my mind continues to whirl and my feet twitch in anticipation of where I can go next.

This season of life is busy and I get it; there are things we have to do, places to be, jobs, meetings, practices, laundry, the list goes on.

But I am learning that being still is where I feel replenished and renewed. It is the hardest thing for me though. I want to do things, make lists, and check things off. I want to handle things on my own and well, that usually leaves me exhausted and frustrated.

Does being still mean literally sitting, forgetting your responsibilities or locking yourself in a prayer closet for hours? No and maybe yes. Being still may look different for me than it does for you. It may mean saying no to something in order to have more time to pray or dig into God’s word. It may mean sitting still, quite literally, as you soak in creation. For me, it may mean taking a run, feeling the sweat and tension leave my body as it does the things it was created to do. Being still may mean taking enough time to notice the people around you today and engage them in real conversation.

So today I will practice the art of being still, understanding that God is in complete control, His sovereignty trumps the plans I could make anyways. I will be present and be still long enough to see God’s hand at work right in front of me.


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