Trash, treasures, and restorations

There’s a fine line between trash and treasure in my eyes. I come from a long line of yard sale, flea market, thrift store treasure hunters. I can honestly say that I get a pretty big thrill when I find a brand new dress at Goodwill or a picture frame at a yard sale that I know will be the perfect additions to my closet and home decor.

I think it’s as much about the thrill of the hunt as the treasure I may find waiting on the other end. My kids roll their precious little eyes when I mention we may be stopping at the Goodwill on our way home. They know this means a run to the back of the store to see if there is a piece of furniture I can take home and give a little TLC. (And then a quick look around to see what else may be there. Because, well, treasures lay in wait at Goodwill my friends. Truth.)

I can remember doing the same thing with my mom, sister, aunts and granny growing up. We would pack into the car, coins in our change purses and strike up some deals. I am pretty sure my granny never paid over a quarter for anything..πŸ˜‚

So my latest piece is this monstrosity….

She needs a lot of love, wood filler, paint, and heaven knows what else…but so it is with these furniture finds. I have been on the hunt for this piece for awhile which will one day reside in our office housing B’s bourbon collection and a wine rack all under lock and key.

So while it’s fun to hunt for these things, the process of refinishing can be a whole different story. The hard work starts as you sand and paint.

Reminds me of us, really. God sees us as His treasures no matter what we see in ourselves or what our past was like. He chooses us and when He does, the sanctification process begins. He starts to sand away and work to get rid of all those imperfections in our heart, making us more like Him. He takes the most broken things, the most vile of hearts, the pasts that are tainted with memories we’d rather forget than hold onto and He makes us new. Not a better version of our old selves but new, brand NEW in Christ.

So I guess that’s how I can’t compare refinishing furniture to Christ’s work in our lives…..You see, I can make something look really pretty but in the end it is the same old piece it was before. Not so with Christ, we become new creatures in Him. The old has passed, the new has come. Our hearts and souls are being remade into His image.

So there ya have it…trash to treasure, complete restoration. Thank you Jesus! You make broken things beautiful again. Beauty for ashes. I can never thank You enough.

Stay tuned for the finished piece….πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€


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