Spring Cleaning

I used to have a reoccurring dream about a house with so many rooms that you could get lost in them. In this dream, I would actually be terrified to go in some rooms and would readily enter others. The rooms that terrified me were usually stacked to the ceiling with clutter-books, papers, chairs, paintings, and other furniture. They were dark, dusty and I immediately felt a feeling of darkness upon entering them. The other rooms were less threatening and I felt a peace at entering them. They were usually small and tidy with furniture in place and modest decor. No darkness or clutter; open, light, and filled with only the freedom to move and be.

I seriously have no idea what this reoccurring dream means but I have had it since I was little-probably elementary age. I am sure a psychologist would have a hay day with me. (Well, for the dream and lots of other reasons! I am a mess, you all!). However, the thought of the rooms in a house makes me wonder about the inner rooms of my heart. Are the rooms cluttered, without room for anything or anyone else? Are the rooms in my heart dark, threatening, just hoping no one tries to enter them?

So, it is spring time and with that means cleaning, yes, the dreaded yet soul refreshing, spring cleaning season is upon us. As I spring clean my house, looking through closets, and clean windows that only get touched once a year, I can’t help but think about the relationship between this and the cluttered areas of my heart.

So here are some questions to get the spring cleaning started in the rooms of our hearts.

1. Is there something I am holding onto in my life/heart that is cluttering it? Perhaps a relationship, habit, or even some materialistic thing that has taken over everything else.

2. Once you identify something that may be cluttering your heart room, write it down and commit to making a change. Do this through prayer, accountability from those around you, and identifying scriptures that may help you overcome or give you some peace in dealing with the clutter.

3. Are there people, activities, or other things you have pushed out of your heart due to hurt, frustration or maybe because someone is simply different from you? Identify someone or something you could welcome into one of the rooms of your heart and pray that you can have boldness in making this step a priority. Show love to people you normally wouldn’t!

Ok, so heart clutter and house clutter…spring cleaning. Get to it. Once you deal with the clutter, no matter how hard, you will find freedom to move and be.

Below is a link with some easy and practical tips to spring clean your real home: (Maybe I should get started!πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ)



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