All the books

I love books. I mean, I really love them. The smell, the weight of them, the stories they tell and the dreams they inspire.

I can remember having “Read-a-thons” with my sister when we were little. What is a Read-a-thon? Well, let me tell you it was a slice of pure heaven in my mind. Mom would haul us to the public library where we would pick multiple books and we would go home, hunker down in our room-usually me on the bottom bunk, Angie on the top- and we would read. I mean read for hours, like all day complete with stretch and lunch breaks. Binge reading was an amazingly, perfect way to spend a day in our book. (Pun intended.)

So here I am all grown up and I long for a day like my old “Read-a-thon” days where I can binge read my favorite books. What I read now looks so much different than it used to (I guess it’s a good thing I am still not reading Babysitters Club or Sweet Valley High, right?) parenting books, Bible studies, the Bible, and other various nonfiction and fiction titles litter my bookshelves, coffee tables, bedside tables, car….you see, “My name is Annalee and I may have a problem…”

After my granny passed, some old book shelves that were in her office were handed down to me. These house some title we love now as they sit in our front office room.

So, what’s your favorite ever book? I have so many…in all categories and yes, just like me, they are a little all over the place.😜

1. Judy Blume’s, “Summer Sisters”

2. Jodi Piccoult’s, “Mercy”

3. The Holy Bible

4. The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

5. Shepherding a Child’s Heart by David Tripp

6. Any book on WWII-The Nightingale, The Lilac Sisters, The Storyteller, and on and on….

7. Of Mess and Moxy by Jen Hatmaker

8. The Bread and the Wine by Sheila Niequist

I could keep going….

These are the sweet little shelves that hold a few of our favorite titles now. When I got these shelves my husband was like, really? 1985 called and wants it’s office furniture back….

Enter a smokey black paint, removing glass panels and some creativity. I kind of love them now-but not as much as the books and memories they hold!


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