I got you babe…

There are some moments in life that you know will pass by so quickly. As I looked out my window at my two children playing today, shooting each other in the face with water guns and screaming, although loud and somewhat obnoxious, I know this won’t last. I am thankful for my children to the depths of my soul but it’s spring break and only Tuesday.

One of the things that we did on this beautiful Spring Break Tuesday was paint our coffee table and end table from our living room. I was so excited to find some fantastic Valspar furniture paint at Lowe’s and we decided to tackle the project together.

As I covered scratches, water rings and dents my mind wandered to some precious times and fleeting moments. I remember my babies pulling up on the table as they learned to walk. I remember them setting sippy cups on this table as they learned to drink from a new cup. I’ve seen them run cars and trains and every other type of wheeled toy over the top of the table. It has been a doll bed, an animal hospital and the stage for our Little People nativity set. I’ve seen my daughter place her beloved books on the top of the table as she takes a quick break before getting back to the next chapter. I have even seen my son use this table as a seat while peering up at our TV in the living room. It has held snacks galore and many Monopoly-thons.

So I made this connection today…my kids always come back to me. I am a huge part of their support system. The sound of their voices yelling out, “Mom!” is just a part of the fabric of our lives. I want that to be like this the rest of their lives. Like that old coffee table that supports us daily that we sometimes take for granted but then when it is pulled out of the living room because someone wanted to repaint it and we can’t set anything on it for three days…..we really miss it.

Yep, me and the table can say (or sing, whatever) “I got you babe!”


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