From the top of the stairs


I remember a lot of conversations happening at the top of the stairs in my grandma’s house. My sister and my cousins would gather at the top of the steps leading to two small bedrooms during most holiday get togethers. It was a hide out of sorts because the top of the steps was closed off and our parents couldn’t see or hear us.

The top of grandma’s steps held hidden gems in the form of Harlequin romance novels in an old book shelf. My future relationships may have suffered due to major misconceptions brought about by said novels. In granny’s defense their were also Encyclopedias on that shelf too. We learned a lot, apparently.

After years of that bookshelf Mecca and probably hundreds of conversations with my cousins and sister, grandma finally went through all her books and replaced that bookshelf with a fancy little curio cabinet. (Either granny was on to us or she really never read those books anyways-we will never know!) That curio held flowers for various seasons and some fake grapes that looked so real that I may have tried to eat them, maybe.

Years and hundreds of flower and fruit arrangements later, my sister had inherited that little curio after my grandma passed away. Not having use for it, my sister gave it to me and it quickly became a furniture DIY project.

I have always loved chalk paint but after multiple conversations with my friends at the Lowe’s paint station, I was convinced I could use indoor/outdoor Valspar paint to refinish that tiny little curio. I chose a fabulous color named Lincoln’s log cabin. (Side note: Apparently Lincoln’s log cabin was a silky, ashy, blackish gray. This will have to be researched.)

It worked like a charm and although I had never painted furniture with something other than chalk paint or something furniture specific, it looks great and hasn’t fallen off yet. It was mirrored in the back which I covered with some cute contact paper. (Probably the hardest step due to the fact that contact paper likes to bubble-you really need two sets of hands when using that crazy stuff or a friend you can bribe.)

Now that old curio cabinet sits at the top of my stairs in my home. A small lamp sits on top that we turn on each night. I would like to think that granny would love what I did with that cabinet. I bet she would wonder why I left the grapes out though.

Below is my instagram post when I refinished my cabinet last summer👏🏼👏🏼


Here is the paint I used. (And it is called Lincoln cottage, NOT Lincoln’s Log cabin. I am still researching Lincoln’s log cabin color though😜.)




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