A front porch

When I think of a front porch I think of neighbors sitting in rocking chairs or swings, sipping iced tea and chatting over their latest life news-pretty much Andy Griffith and Barney in Mayberry.

I think we need more front porches in our lives.  More time to stop and talk.  More time to engage, listen, and learn from others.  More time to feel and respond.  More time to just be and to breathe deeply.

So join me on my front porch journey.  I will be sharing pictures and stories of my latest furniture finds and how I refinish, repurpose and remake them to fit into my home. I may just share a story or two about life as we sit on the front porch and visit.

Welcome to my front porch. Let’s chat and believe me, if  you were here I would offer you the sweetest iced tea in the neighborhood.


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